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Unable to enable WEP - 350 series AP and Client on Windows XP

I am trying to enable static WEP on my 350 series AP and a Windows XP client also using a 350 series PCMCIA card.

I can associate with the AP with no encryption on either device, but as soon as I enable WEP with the same keys on both devices, I cannot associate.

I have upgraded the firmware in the PCMCIA card to the latest version - any ideas on what is going on here?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to enable WEP - 350 series AP and Client on Windows X

If you are using the ACU please make sure that the windows XP config client is disabled

Step 1 Make sure the client adapter's driver has been installed and the client adapter is inserted in the Windows XP device.

Step 2 Double-click My Computer, Control Panel, and Network Connections.

Step 3 Right-click Wireless Network Connection.

Step 4 Click Properties. The Wireless Network Connection Properties screen appears.

Step 5 Select the Wireless Networks tab. The following screen appears

on this screen make sure that use windows to configure my wireless network settings is unchecked

Then in the ACU you also need to on the select profile screen

Use Another Application To Configure My Wireless Settings—This option allows an application other than ACU to configure the client adapter. Examples of such applications include Windows XP and Boingo.

is not checked and that you have use selected profile checked and it is the profile that you configured WEP on

New Member

Re: Unable to enable WEP - 350 series AP and Client on Windows X

I am using ACU - I have disabled Windows XP client config. ACU config is not allowing another app to configure the client adapter.

I have checked that the profile I have selected is using WEP and have checked that on the AP WEP is enabled. As soon as I enable WEP on the AP I lose the network connection - so obviously there is something going wrong with my client config.

Aha. Problem solved.

Windows XP had auto-detected the card and set it up - so I used the "update driver" option in System settings to reinstall the drivers off the CD and the card worked first go with WEP. The moral - if at first you don't succeed, install the correct drivers...

Thanks for your help.

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