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Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

Hi Cisco Community,

today I’m facing the problem to Update a NCS virtual appliance up to Prime 2.0.

I installed the NCS-VA- in the past to perform the switch from WCS to NCS.

Now i like to update my appliance therefore I installed the Update to PI and the patch for version 1.12.

But now if I like to update to 2.0 I’m getting the following error

xxxxxx/xxx# application upgrade PI-Upgrade- localftp

   Save the current ADE-OS running configuration? (yes/no) [yes] ?

   Generating configuration...

   Saved the ADE-OS running configuration to startup successfully

   Initiating Application Upgrade...

     Stage 1 of 7: Transferring file ...

     -- complete.  

     Stage 2 of 7: Unpacking file ...

     -- complete.

     Stage 3 of 7: Executing pre-install ...

   [ERROR] System does not meet minimum resource requirements:

   - Disk space available [144171 MB] is less than the minimum required value o

  200 GB for the /opt partition

   Aborting application install/upgrade ...

   % Pre-install step failed. Please check the logs for more details.

The problem is that the original NCS-VA- got the following System configuration

Virtual Hardware: 2 vCPU, 8GB RAM, 200GB Hard drive

This is lower than the minimum requirements of PI 2.0

So I modified my virtual machine up to 4 vCPU, 12GB RAM, 300GB Hard drive.

Unfortunately I think that the Hard drive has to be reconfigured at the underlying Linux OS.

I found different ways so increase the disk space of Prime option 1 and option 2.

Option 1 looks like there is a way to stitch in more disk space, but to me it seems like a band aid.

Option 2 looks like the Cisco best practice way but im not sure if this will solve my issue during the update process.

Do you guys have any other options to perform this task?

Thanks for support.

With kind regards


New Member

Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

Note If you are upgrading from Prime Infrastructure 1.x small virtual machine, you should create a new virtual machine with the Express OVA, back up your existing small virtual machine, and then restore it on the new virtual machine. You can delete the old small virtual machine after the new virtual machine is fully operational. Inline upgrade of the small virtual machine is not supported.

I think you have to do a New system migration instade of the Inline Upgrade

New Member

Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

Hi Marc,

I have just updated CPI small virtual machine directly inline without creating a new machine and it works. Am I lucky or should I reinstall it?




Re: Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

I donot think that you can change the Harddrive  space in vmware ova file but kindly check the following link for the  reference (Prime upgrade)

Cisco Employee

Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

If you grew the exising, it won't work. You have to add an additional Virtual Disk....

Cisco Employee

Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

If you grew the exising DISK, it won't work. You have to add an additional Virtual Disk....

New Member

Update to PI 2.0 from NCS-VA-

Hi @all,

just for information I have tried the option 2 solution to band aid additional diskspace to the vitrual mashine and especially to the opt volume.

After this procedure it was possible to run the update process without any interuption.

The Prime Infrastructure 2.0 seems to work properly in this configuration.



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