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Upgrading Controller and AP Help

I'm planning on moving from 4.1.185 to 4.2.130 tomorrow late but am having an issue in testing. My original plan was with 3 4404's and one of them being emtpy, have the 3rd running 4.2.130 and just move AP's from one of the older controllers over to it until it was empty. However that doesn't seem to be working. In WCS, my test AP is registered to Controller 1, I set it's primary to Controller 3 and it doesn't do anything. How can I force AP's over to the controller with the new code so they'll get updated? The reason for this is I can't take down the whole Hospital for a period of time while I upgrade a controller and wait (and hope) all of the AP's come back up over a period of time.

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Re: Upgrading Controller and AP Help

First verify that the mobility groups is confiugred with all the mac and ip address of all 3 WLC's. Make sure you can mping from one controller to antoher. Then what you can do is change the name of the primary controller to that of the new upgraded WLC. Now you can either enable ap fallback on the wlc that the ap is on or reset the ap, so when it boots back up it will try to join the new wlc.

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