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URGENT : BBSM 5.3 SP2 : Page Set Options


I wander if anybody can shed some light on a BBSM issue.

In a wireless environment, Is it possible to configure multiple pagesets (and hence splash pages) for users associating to a single, common access point ??

Documentation seems to indicate that this is controlled on a per physical-port basis; in which case all users associating to a single access point will be presented with the same splash page.

I guess ideally i need to map a particular pageset to a VLAN or SSID as opposed to the trunk switchport that connects the access point.

Many thanks


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Re: URGENT : BBSM 5.3 SP2 : Page Set Options

Hi Abdul,

My understanding is that page sets are a function of "port settings" under Network Elements> Site X> Switches. Say you have two VLANS on the AP in which you would like a different page set for each VLAN or SSID. You would first need to define the two VLANS and their associated IP info under "routers." Then you would need to define the layer two device, in your case an AP in Netowrk Elements> Site X> Switches, yes even though it is an AP. You would create two switches with an IP address of the default GW of the associated VLANs of the AP. For the device type I used "Null: Clients connect to router. Then for each "switch" or AP in your case, under port settings, select the page set you would like to use.

Alternitavily, you might be able to create two APs (referencing the same AP)defined with the two IP addresses of the VLANs (again the default gw). I have not tried this though.

Hope this helps,


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Re: URGENT : BBSM 5.3 SP2 : Page Set Options

Hey Dave

Many thanks for the response.

I have a couple of BBSM's in the lab this week and i will give this a try.

Successful or not; i will update the posting with what i find !!


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