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Urgent help needed for Wireless Networking!!!

Hello Friends,

One of my clients requires Wireless Networking to be done in his Supermarket, The area of his Supermarket is 22,000 sq ft x 2 (Ground Floor & Upper Floor). My client wants to use PDT Devices so that his employees can remain connected to the POS Software installed on the server in the Back office from any part of his Supermarket.

I am confused about the devices to be used for this project and making it a success. An urgent response would be appreciated as my Client wants to get this work done in the next week.

Sorry if I have posted this question in the wrong area. Moderators / Admins please move this to the appropriate area if I have posted it in a wrong area.

Thanks & Regards,

Quaid Johar Haji

Network Engineer

Litchi Infotech LLC

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Re: Urgent help needed for Wireless Networking!!!


First you need to find out what that device is and then make sure what the requirements are for that device. When you have that info, then you should perform a site survey to the recommend specs (802.11a/b/g/n, tx power, etc) to ensure you have 100% coverage where the client wants. This may include some outside areas. So make sure you understand the clients requirements.

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Urgent help needed for Wireless Networking!!!

Hi Scott thanks for your suggestion, but that is what I am looking for.... I am confused about the devices that will suffice my requirements.... and I need help in selecting a device...

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Urgent help needed for Wireless Networking!!!

When I go in to do a design with a customer, I make sure I understand the devices that need to use the wireless.  Some things you already know about (the usual wireless devices).  Devices that might impact business, you need the customer to provide info on that device or a contact for that device.  This way you can make sure their requirements are meet.  It doesn't really matter what AP's you use as long as you know what you need to configure to make things work.

I would go with a WLC 5508 and the 3500i (internal antenna).  This WLC has various options for license and depending on how many AP's you need, you can satifiy that with a base license or adding license if you add more later.  YOu can also look at the 1142 AP's, but the 3500 will provide you with the capability of doing CleanAir.

WLC 5508 Licesne (table 3):

CleanAir Technology:

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Urgent help needed for Wireless Networking!!!

In addition to what Scott has posted:

1.  When choosing a 5508, get the 100-WAP license level (and higher) and don't try to get the lower ones.

2.  DO not trust the manufacturer of the PDT.  All manufacturers and marketing staff will tell you it's "compatible to Cisco".  Get a few demo units and trial them yourselves.  This way you not only verify if they work or not but you will also see the support level from the manufacturer of the PDT.  Remember one thing, alot (and I do mean ALOT) of PDT manufacturers, in order to cut costs, have put very poorly written wireless codes into their units.  The most common ones will only negotiate to 802.11b, low data rates, broadcast SSID and WPA/WEP PSK.  Very crude.

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