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User Login Policies => Concurrent Logins

I have a newly deployed WCS/WLC (versions and respectively) and have set up a guest WLAN that requires authentication via guest accounts created via the lobby ambassador. This morning I did a test to see if a single account can be used by more than 1 WLAN client, and was suprised to see that it could be!

I know that there is a setting in the WLC (Security=>User Login Policies=>Max number of concurrent logins for a single user name) which is currently set to 0. My understanding is that the 0 value indicates unlimited concurrent logins. If I change this number to a non-zero value (say, 1) will that affect both 'regular' users that are authenticated via RADIUS to the 'private' side WLANs as well as the guest users? I.E. what are the ramifications of changing this setting?


Re: User Login Policies => Concurrent Logins

yes, if you only allow a username be used once concurrently, you have to set User login policies to 1, this policy will be applied to all the WLAN profiles you configured in the WLC, so your regular and guest users will both affected.

However I know some 4.2 version has a bug, you not only need to configure the login policies to 1, you also need to use following CLI command in the same time: config advanced eap max-login-ignore-identity-response disable

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Re: User Login Policies => Concurrent Logins

Netuser should it appears be the local database only

config netuser maxuserLogin

To configure the maximum number of login sessions allowed for a network user, use the config netuser maxuserlogin command.

config netuser maxuserlogin count [per method]

Syntax Description


Configure parameters.


Local network user.


Configure the maximum number of login sessions allowed for a network user.


Maximum number of login sessions for a single user. The allowed values are from 0 (unlimited) to 8.


0 (unlimited).

Command History

Release Modification


This command was first introduced.

Usage Guidelines



> config netuser maxuserlogin 8

Related Commands

Command Description

show netuser


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