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User names from Wireless LAN Controller

Hi all

I'm trying to get a report out of a Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN controller, showing all the current clients on a particular WLAN profile, with their user name.

The Monitor -> Clients screen shows me all the MAC addreses, and I can filter by WLAN Profile Name to home in on the clients I'm interested in.  When I click on a MAC address for more detail, I can see the correctly populated User Name on the Client Properties screen - so the WLC definitely knows all the detail I need...

Ideally I want spreadheet with a list of usernames of currently connected users (or even better, users that have connected over a time period).  I can't see any way to export this data without doing it manually (and I have 270ish clients at any one time).

I've tried at the command line, with a "show clients summary", which at least gives me a table I can copy and paste into a spreadsheet, but again the username detail is only displayed with a "show clients detail MACADDRESS" - and the MACADDRESS field won't take a wildcard.

I've also tried examining the log files, and setting up SysLog to a syslog server - but I haven't observed user names in any of the logs I've seen.

The WLC is on version - and doing an upgrade isn't very convenient at present - although I might consider taking the pain if a later release provides the funcationaility I need.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one?


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