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VLAN question

We have a 4402 controller working with 1132 access points. I have the 4402 attached to a 3750 switch port with trunking enabled on the attached port. The controller management ap-manager interface is on VLAN 8. WLAN defined use other VLANs.

I have the AP1132 on 3750 POE switches. I have the AP1132 in VLAN 8 only. The WLAN are working. I was wondering. Should the AP1132 be on trunk switched ports as well? Or does all traffic coming from the LWAPP 1131 to the controller travel on the VLAN 8 I have the AP-Manager and manement interface on.


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Re: VLAN question

AP should be on access int, eventhoug it will work on a dot1q trunk. All traffic will be tagged with WLAN ID in the LWAPP header and tunneled over to the controller ap-mgmt int.


Re: VLAN question


Keep in mind you dont have to have the ap manger and aps on the same VLAN. cisco recommends that the aps be on their own vlan 30-60 per. the interfaces can be on a different subnet / vlan.

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Re: VLAN question

Agreed. Keep the APs on their own vlan as well as all WLAN traffic should have its own vlan per SSID. All traffic is handled through the dynamic interfaces you create on each of the vlans for SSIDs. Once dynamic interfaces are configured then assign the proper vlan interface to the WLAN configuration. It is in a pulldown box under configure WLAN section. From the controller GUI you can then test connectivity by using the onboard ping feature. You'll be surprised to find that utilizing dynamic interfaces and seperate vlans significantly reduce latency thus assisting with voice solutions and roaming.

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