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VLAN Select - Interface dirty - Index based on Mac Address

Hello Experts,

we are testing the VLAN Select Feature with a 5508 controller, version 7.0.230 and two /23 DHCP Scopes on an external dhcp server. Our cookbook is following document:

Now i have a few questions

1 - Is there any chance to see the calculated index based on the Mac Address to which the interface is assigned to the client. I try "debug client MAC-ADDRESS" and "debug dhcp", Maybe i overlook it, but i can't find any information to that index.

2 - Is there a cli command to delete the index? It would be great for testing purposes and troubleshooting.

3 - Is there a cli command to look, if the interface is "dirty"?

4 - Our DHCP Server has a lease time of 5 Minutes. Is it possible to set the interface dirty time to a value less than 30 minutes?

Best Regards,


Community Member

I know this is an old post -

I know this is an old post - but I ran across it trying to find an answer to the same questions.

Did you ever find any answers?  I did find an answer to question 3, show interface group detailed.


But I haven't found a way to delete the indexes short of rebooting all the controllers, and apparently you would have to reboot them all at the same time.

Cisco Employee

these requests are geniune

these requests are geniune and should have been available, enhancement request filed asking these info long ago. hopefully expecting fix in future release. you can also touchbase with SE/AM and raise PER for the same.

as for as i know this feature initially had complaints but it got stabilised on wlc code 7.4MR and higher.


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