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New Member

VPN not working over Wireless NIC

I have a Sony Vaio with a built in Wireless NIC which is referred to in the device manager as Lan-Express (I believe it is an Ornioco product). When I use this to connect to my home AP (SMC 7004AWBR wireless router w/3 hardwire ports) it connects to the internet and my other systems w/o problem, yet when I use my Cisco VPN client to establish a connection to my company's firewall (Pix506) it sees the firewall and seems to create the VPN, yet when I try to ping any of my servers behind the firewall they time out.

The bizarre thing is that if I use the built in hardwire NIC in my Sony I can VPN into work fine, if I use a SMC wireless PCMIA NIC card (2632W) it works, it’s only when I use Sony's internal wireless NIC.

SMC says its not their problem since the SMC card works. Cisco says it isn't their problem since the VPN client works when I hardwire the Sony and they have seen some wireless NICs establish a VPN circuit but not pass traffic, and Sony says they don't provide Network support since their Wireless NIC does establish a connection to the AP. They can't/won't even provide me the documentation on the configuration parameters on their built in wireless modem. I've escalated it to Tier 3 support and management and they just say Sorry!

I'm lost on where to go next. I suspect it is a hardware/driver issue although maybe it is a configuration parameter setting that is impacting the VPN traffic connection.

The Wireless enviroment is set up as infrastructure w/o WEP and works well.

Here are the device driver configuration settings/options on the Sony Wireless NIC:

Adhoc Demo: Disable/Enable

Authentication algorithm : Auto based on WEP/Must use shared with WEP/WECA compliant

Firmware Download: Disable/Enable

Fragmentation Threshold: 256-2432

Listen Interval: 0-77...

Power: Disable, Auto Enable, Always Enable

Preamble: Auto Tx Preamble, Long Tx Preamble, Short Tx Preamble

RTS Threshold: 0-2432

Any ideas would be deeply appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN not working over Wireless NIC

Hi ,

a) Try different Ap and see if it works ( just to rule out Ap issue )

( only if possible )

b) Make sure there is no personal firewall blocking any ipsec traffic

c) Go to interface properties , go to TCP/IP properties , click on advance .

there is interface metric . if you have multiple cards you can give priority

to particular interface via this metric . Make sure when you are using sony

wireless you give higher priority to it .

When you are using sony DISABLE all other interfaces .

d) You can more troubleshooting on PIX by running debug command .

IPSEC VPN has 3 phase , ISAKMP and IPSEC . we need to see what state

it is getting block so we can troubleshoot further .

e) Make sure you are running latest firmware on all AP , client andVPN software .

f) have you tried removing WEP and see ifit makes difference ?

Have you tried removing VPN software and reinstalling it ?

g) To me it sounds Sony wirless NIC is blocking the ipsec packets .

Normally I have seen MTU issue with VPN but in this we are not seeing tunnel coming up it is different problem ...

Make sure layer 3 is UP .

can you ping vpn gateway with ip and name of the vpn gateway ( to rule out dns issue ? )

Can you browse the net with sony wireless NIC ? Have you seen any other issue with sony internal NIC ?


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