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VPN problems

Running WLAN with PIX 506E, WLC 2006, and five 1242 AP's. Everything is working great except for VPN access.

WLC is handing out DHCP, only running web passthrough, and have roughly 200-250 people running through it. I use this setup at different hotels for week long meetings and have a direct WAN line seperate from the hotels. All these users are from different companies and use different VPN software.

Weird thing is about 90% of people have no problem with their VPN's, but about 10% just will not work when using the wireless network. Weird thing is though, if I take that 10% and plug them in on a wired conneciton bypassing the AP's and WLC, and let them pull DHCP from the PIX, their VPN's work great.

So its seems I'm missing something between the PIX and the WLC maybe, but I'm tapped out on ideas.


Re: VPN problems

Are all the users on the same WLAN? I would suggest that you configure separate WLANs for the VPN users and the other clients and enable VPN passthrough as the layer 3 security method for the VPN users and web-passthrough for the other wireless clients. VPN passthorugh will allow VPN users to establish a tunnel to the VPN termination device and will work without any issues.

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