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VPN, VLANs and Roaming

I have set up VLANs on my Aironet 1200s in my test lab, and have got them to work successfully. I have also been able to use a VPN connection to gain network access on the open VLAN. My question is while using the VPN client,(1) will roaming be affected when I go from one AP to another, while on the same subnet, and (2) while roaming to a different AP on a different subnet?

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Re: VPN, VLANs and Roaming

In the seconde scenario, I think it will not work. Here, you can use Proxy Mobile IP provides the ability to travel from one subnet to another while maintaining IP addressing and active sessions. With Proxy Mobile IP, the wireless access point acts as a "proxy" on behalf of wireless clients, so the wireless clients are unaware they have roamed onto a different Layer 3 network. The access point handles IRDP communications to the foreign agent and manages registrations to the home agent. The Proxy Mobile IP scheme is less expensive, requires less administration overhead, and is faster to deploy than Mobile IP.

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Re: VPN, VLANs and Roaming

Can you share how you got VLANs working? I have two vlans on my AP1200 and only the ssid guest vlan 2 with native on fully responds to pings, network connections etc... the second vlan ssid biz not native does not.

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