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New Member

VTY line config deletes itself


I have a problem on  my AIR-AP1121G accesspoints. Sometimes they cannon be access via telnet, it works fine after a reload. This happens not very often, but when it happens, I need to reload it manually.

I'm using a backup tool, for backing up the running configs. Last report I got from an unavailable AP was that the line config for both console and VTY was missing. I think this is the case on the other APs as well. But why the backup could be done I don't know, the backup rutine is done via telnet.

Using this software: Cisco IOS Software, C1100 Software (C1100-K9W7-M), Version 12.3(8)JEC1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc4)

By the way I've read this thread but I'm already using the exec timeout option on all of the lines.

Cisco Employee

Re: VTY line config deletes itself


I never heard of this on JEC1, can you share the script that you run to do the backup. Remember to remove usernames, password, ip addresses and so on before posting.

Thank you

New Member

Re: VTY line config deletes itself

Hi Serge!

I'm not using a script to do the backup, I'm using Kiwi Cattools. It's configured from a GUI.

Cisco Employee

Re: VTY line config deletes itself

Hello, ah ok, could be something is being pushed by Kiwi Cat Tools through another Job, check the Jobs and what is being configured on it. Normally, the configuration on the AP do not dissapear on their own.

Have a good day.


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