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Want WLSE to Reset AP1200 Config

Hello Everyone -

I have a WLSE and 2 floors of AP1200's (4AP's) on each floor.

The original WLSE Setup & config that was pushed to the AP's was bad, incorrect and even temporarily hosed the network.

Is there a tool in the WLSE that will just re-set the AP's to default config with at least IP, Def GTW and SNMP Public community? Or, do I have to touch each one of them and reset the AP?



Re: Want WLSE to Reset AP1200 Config

If you want to use WLSE you could create a template with custom commands that reset the individual AP to the config you want and click "Overwrite existing configuration" in step 5 of the job creation. The explanation of this option is as follows:

This selection allows you to overwrite the existing configuration on the device

with your selected configuration template. Please note that by using this option

the following actions will be performed:

a) The selected configuration template will replace the startup-config on device(s) selected

b) Device(s) will be rebooted after the copy to startup-config succeeds


This option is recommended for Advanced Users only.

Use this option only when you are sure that your configuration template is a complete

configuration that could fully replace the existing configuration of the device(s) and that

device(s) can be safely rebooted.

Pushing an incomplete Config Template with this option enabled can result in loss of data and the AP can hang during the re-boot due to incomplete config.

You could also reconfigure the AP to default using DHCP on the BVI and have it download a totally new auto managed/startup config.

Hope this helps.

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