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WAP4410N WDS not bridging

Hello  all,

I have two WAP4410N's that are about 30 feet apart in seperate buildings. I'm trying to bridge them and their wired networks together with no luck.

I would like each to also accept wireless connections.

They are both configured on the same subnet.

I've tried WAP2- personal on both with the same key on each with no luck.

I've tried WAP personal on both with the same key.

They are both on the same channel.

I set both to WDS AP mode,  no luck connecting.

They can see each other and obtain each others MAC address in the "Site Survey".  But I can not ping across the bridge.

I've tried one as an AP mode and one as a WDS mode,  and visa versa.

Do I set the AP Modes of each to WDS?

WIKIpedia says that WDS will not work with a dynamic key,  must use WEP.

Is that true?

Wikipedia says they can be different SSID's.

I will try WEP but not happy at all about it.

I wish the admin PDF's were more complete.



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