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WCS 4.1.91 bugs abound - Part 2

* Inconsistent summary and detail record counts ? seen throughout the WCS:

Throughout the system clicking on a summary count does not result in the same number of detail records. This is true in the following scenarios:

- Clicking on the ?Rogue Clients? link from within the Rogue AP detail screen results in ?No Rogue Clients Found? ? even though the detail screen clearly shows a non-zero rogue clients total. Exa:

CSCsj88990 WCS reports incorrect Rogue AP client count information

CSCsj01432 Quicksearch is using wrong search string for Rogue Aps

CSCsi89307 WCS link to configure AP conflict - goes to detail/report page

CSCsj88990 WCS reports incorrect Rogue AP client count

- In the heat maps, if you have the access points display the number of ?Users? (aka: Clients), if you click on the number of clients on top of the access point icon, you will invariably be taken to a detail screen that lists a different number of clients. We have theorized that the difference may have to do with clients that are probing and associated being counted in the total, but only associated clients being shown in the detailed record list? If you go to monitor clients you will see a different list.

- In the floor summary screen, the total number of APs is not the total of the APs on that floor.

- Clicking on a number in the ?Alarm Summary? window in the lower LH corner of the WCS may not always take you to a list of the same number of records.

It is as if ? throughout the WCS product - different queries are being made using different criteria between those used to total clients/alarms/APs/Rogue APs/etc. and the queries used to generate the detailed records and so the totals don?t match the detail records ? especially confusing since clicking on the displayed total is supposed to take you to the underlying detail for that total.


* Heatmaps have multiple refresh buttons/methods. There are no fewer than four ways to refresh the heatmap:

1) ?Refresh Heatmap? button

2) Load (LH side of the screen)

3) Drop Down: Refresh from Network

4) The lesser-known: Administration->Background Tasks, check ?Client Statistics? and use the dropdown to select ?Execute Now? (and then go back to your map).

Question: how many refreshes does a screen need? How about ONE?! Plus, if the only method of actual refresh is one that actually polls the WLCs (located under Admin->Scheduled tasks), why do you have to go to a completely different screen to get updated data? It does not make any sense.

... more to follow

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Re: WCS 4.1.91 bugs abound - Part 2


I think we have similar effects on a WCS 4.1.91

The summary screens shows different records than the WLC?s. Also every approx. 15 minutes the client graph goes to zero and never shows the correct active clients.

Is there a solution to this? Bug-Fix?




Re: WCS 4.1.91 bugs abound - Part 2

I believe that this is a known bug, but that it was fixed in the WLC code.

- John

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Re: WCS 4.1.91 bugs abound - Part 2

I contacted TAC about this client issue right after updating to 4.1.91....they say it will be fixed in 4.2 coming out this September 2007.

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