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New Member

WCS Auto-Provisioning

In WCS 5.0 Cisco introduces Auto provisioning of WLCs.

Unfortunately there is not much documentation available, except for option explanation.

If i understood this right, Auto-Provisioning takes care of the initial setup of an out-of-the-box WLC. A very handy solution for wide spread WAN environment.

Has anyone here been working with this option, and can direct me into the right direction?

I try to auto-provide initial setup parameters from my WCS to a WLC 4402 running on a factory default configuration.

I hooked up the WLC with his glasfiber and his management port to our management vlan and also configured DHCP on one of the switches for our management vlan.

WCS is also hooked up to this management vlan.

I created filters, in WCS for either Serial No. and MAC-ADDRESS providing required parameters for initial setup.

Those filters remain idle, and the WLC doesn't recieve an IP-address from the DHCP scope configured.

Am i missing something? Do i like this function to do things it is not supposed to do?

Please let me know if someone had better experience.



Re: WCS Auto-Provisioning

Follow the URL for the configuration of auto provisioning in WCS and its details :

New Member

Re: WCS Auto-Provisioning


Thanks didyap, but that I already read many times.

Except that all options are being described, that guide is not very helpful.

I more have an issue with getting those parameters I set up there, to the new WLC.

That is my major problem.

For example, do i need special dhcp options configured on the switch i attach the new WLC to? Or what port do i need to use on the new WLC? (Fiber, Service, .... )

If someone ever got this to work, a small push in the right direction would be appreciated.



New Member

Re: WCS Auto-Provisioning

I agree. There is no information as to how the WLC locates the WCS to obtain the auto-provisioned configuration.

Any words of advice?



New Member

Re: WCS Auto-Provisioning

Hi all,

I just wanted to say, i made it work, and after all it was working within one hour.

The only thing to do, is setup

option 150 ip

in your DHCP server for the vlan you connect the new WLC to.

If your filters are enabled in WCS Auto Provisioning, the WLC will receive all settings from the WCS.

I tested it with WLC IOS v. and WCS v., i didn't test any other Firmwares, so make sure your WLC and WCS software is compatible.

Kind Regards,


Re: WCS Auto-Provisioning

Hey Sebastian,

Could you tell us a little more? I try to make it work too, but with little success.

What I do is:

- create a config group from my controller templates, do not add any controller to this config group, put in it all templates from my controller (including the local management user and WLANs).

- Create an auto provisioning filter, using this config group and my controller Ip addresses and MAC address, enable the filter and make sure it is not set to monitor only.

- I do see a file with my controller MAC address created at that instant, so I am close to being happy.

- In my DHCP server, option 150 points to WCS.

When I clear my controller config and reboot, it gets to autoinstall, receives an IP address from DHCP and the option 150 information. It then downloads the file with its MAC address... but no template is in there! I can't connect to my controller until I push a username and password to it, and none of my templates are there, no WLAN, nothing...

Any quick idea on what you did that I do not do?



New Member

Re: WCS Auto-Provisioning

Hi Jerome,

To be honest, i didn't pay attention to the template i setup to be pushed towards the WLC.

And as far as i remember, it didn't even set up a proper Config-Group.

This wasn't even the important part to me.

It was rather more important, that the initial setup got auto provided.

Meaning, i liked it to get his Management IP / AP-manager IP and Gateways pushed automatically.

Afterwards, it registered itself to the WCS,

where i could push the users template via the default snmp-community, towards it.

I guess, you enabled & enforced the config-group?

I'll try again with our next WLC, and let you know.

Kind Regards,