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WCS - Apache not starting

Hi Guys,

I've got a problem over here.

We are running WCS and apache fails to start.

The only error found in the wcs-0-0.log is the following:

10/05/10 18:25:51.364 INFO[general] [10] Starting Apache server ...
10/05/10 18:25:51.599 ERROR[general] [11] [Tue Oct 05 18:25:51 2010] [notice] Disabled use of AcceptEx() WinSock2 API
10/05/10 18:26:06.240 INFO[general] [10] Apache server failed to start.
10/05/10 18:26:06.240 ERROR[general] [10] Failed to start the Apache web server.

Does any of you guys have an idea what it could be?

I've deinstalled the virus scanner completely. Just to test if that is the problem but without any result.

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Re: WCS - Apache not starting

It seems that the port used by the apache service may be blocked by another application and that could be the reason... try opening the port or make sure this port is not used by anyother application..

>> U can even try restarting the server by stopping all services and then try... also. make sure all the below ports are allowed..

Database         1315

FTP     21

HTTP Connector  8456

HTTP Connector Redirect         8457

HTTP    80

HTTPS   443

RMI     1299

TFTP    69

Trap    169

Web Container   8009

Let me know how this works out for you!!


Re: WCS - Apache not starting

what does your launchout.txt and wcs-0-0.log say ?

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