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wcs adding SSID


how can i configure WCS to adda new SSID and push it into a running Light APs without loosing the existing SSIDs and how many SSIDs could be applied by AP?


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Configure -> Controller templates -> WLANs -> WLAN

The existing SSID should display in this same window as they are polled from the controllers.

Regarding how many SSIDs you can have, that depends on:

-controller model

-controller code.

Globally remember the value 16 active SSIDs. From now on I will call this WLAN, (1 WLAN = 1 SSID).

Here is the explanation: prior to 5.2, you could have at the most 16 WLANs.

Starting 5.2 code, you can have on 4400 controllers up to 512 WLANs defined but only 16 can be active at the sametime. On the other models of WLC (2100..) it's 16 WLAN that you can create at the most and have active.

Here is a link:


The Cisco UWN Solution can control up to 512 WLANs for lightweight access points. Each WLAN has a separate WLAN ID (1 through 512), a separate profile name, and a WLAN SSID and can be assigned unique security policies. The controller publishes up to 16 WLANs to each connected access point, but you can create up to 512 WLANs on the controller and then selectively publish these WLANs (using access point groups) to different access points to better manage your wireless network.

Note Cisco 2106, 2112, and 2125 controllers support only up to 16 WLANs.

You can associate up to 16 WLANs with each access point group and assign specific access points to each group. Each access point advertises only the enabled WLANs that belong to its access point group. The access point does not advertise disabled WLANs in its access point group or WLANs that belong to another group. Refer to the "Creating Access Point Groups" section for more information on access point groups.

Note Controller software releases prior to 5.2 support up to only 16 WLANs.

I hope this resolves your questions.

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Re: wcs adding SSID


When you create a new SSID you'll need to tie it to a new VLAN to avoid any clash with your existing SSID(s).

Hope this helps


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Re: wcs adding SSID

Thank you guys for your help, problem solved

Re: wcs adding SSID

Great, this post can then be marked resolved

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