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WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

I've just installed WCS for the first time and have been configuring the email alerts/alarms. I left the default settings of Critical alerts only but find I am getting spammed.

Now, I want to be alerted when an AP goes offline, but I've found that quite a few of the AP's seem to momentarily loose connectivity on one if not both radio interfaces - and then immediately come back up.

This results in 2 email alerts almost simultaneously - one telling me the AP interface has shut down and disassociated from the controller, and then immediately after another email telling me the previous message has been cleared and the AP has re-associated with the controller. It doesn't appear to be specific AP's but random ones throughout the day.

So 2 questions:

1 - Is this normal behavior for access points and if not, what could be causing it?

2 - Is there any way to set a threshold on the length of time an AP is down before receiving an email alert from WCS?

WCS - 5.2 (the latest build)

WLCs - 4404 with

APs - 1131AG

Thanks in advance.


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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

I suppose you also see the alerts on the wlc. Look at your Wireless tab on your wlc and look toward the bottom of the list. When an ap joins the wlc it shows up on the bottom. Now click on that ap and see the ap uptime and the ap controller up time. If it looks like it rebooted, console into the ap and do a show version and see what was the cause of the reboot.

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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

I checked one that was having this issue. The uptime and association time were very close so yes it looks like the AP rebooted.

Sho ver returned this:

"System returned to ROM by unknown reload cause - reason ptr 0xF, PC 0x4829B4, address 0x0"

Not sure where I can get that translated... :)

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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

May I request if you can do the following CLI on the WLC: sh ap eventlog

Sounds like you have a Traceback. If you also go to the WLC GUI, Management > Tech Support > AP Crash Log, do you see anything there?

If you telnet into the affected AP, can you see any "r0.core" file?

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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

If you don't see anything is the crash logs, I would open a TAC case and see if the AP needs to be replaced or if it a bug in the code.

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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

hi rcoote5902,

did you find any solution? I have a similar problem. The problem is that the APs are working correctly and the WLC has no Alarms from the APs but in the WCS I get alarm "AP 'ap-test1' disassociated from Controller" for 2 APs.

I have no idea why because it seems that all APs are working ok.

is there a directly communication between the WCS and AP? because the Controller says it all right.


WLC 4044

APs 1131AG - power injected

thx in advance

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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

I have TAC Case opened for very similar issue.

WCS 5.2.130

WiSM 5.2.178

APs 1252

1st part was that my WiSMs were not set up...the 1st Octet of the Service Port must be different than Manager and AP Manager interfaces. It is actually in a doc -- it ignores the subnet masks!

After I changed that (requires WLC reboot) my messages went down quite a bit. But there is a 2nd part ... not sure if it affects 1131s. I was told that there is a bug in the Marvell chipset. They have a fix in beta and it is going through regression testing. Hopefully out in next release by end of May. So my case is in "Release Pending" status waiting for the fix to be released.

Hope this helps...

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Re: WCS Alarms - Disassociated AP's

until now i didn't find any Solution for my Problem.

Please guys help me.

sorry for my english.


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