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WCS & Antenna type for heat maps


I'm trying to create a heat map for a client.

The problem is that the client does not know the antenna type but would like the heat maps to show too management asap.

I thought I would be ok to add the AP's without specifying the antenna type but when i try to save the map i get a warning.

"Saving these settings might cause the radios to reset if the antenna gain settings on the WCS is different from the setting on the controller"

First question

I didnt think (or cant see) where the gain settings is for an AP via the WLC. In fact the WLC has no knowledge of the AP Antenna type.

Second question

I didnt think WCS maps (or WCS) had involvement in the dynamic RRM. The warning message seems to indicate that by saving the map it could reset the radios?

Third Question

If I go ahead and save the map and ap's without changing the antenna type am i likely to cause RRM problems?

Any advice appreciated.


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Re: WCS & Antenna type for heat maps

The following answers will assume you are running WCS 6.0.x as the version number has not been posted.

In WCS, you can define the antenna type under "Monitor --> Maps ---> Select the floor ---> from the command menu drop down box, select position APs.

Select the AP in questions to modify the antenna type from the left hand side of the page.

If you select "other" antenna, the WCS heat map will not be generated. You need to define one based on the AP type you have. You can use the pre-populated values as most of the time it works.

Saving the settings will not reset the AP under Monitor --> Maps, it will recompute the RF predictions which basically updates the heat-map if any changes are made to existing floor map image.

What kind of APs do you have ?

What version of WCS do you have ?

What version of WLC?


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Re: WCS & Antenna type for heat maps

Thanks Nael,

I am running

WLC - 6.0.182


AP's are 1200

Interstingly i made added them off-hours and I did see some alerts from WCS for radio resetting..

Re: WCS & Antenna type for heat maps

Without knowing or defining the antenna type, the heatmap will not work. You need to define the antenna to one of the pre-populated values that is assoicated with the AP to get the map to display correctly.


Re: WCS & Antenna type for heat maps

This is correct. When RRM is mentionned it's the value that is displayed on a graph on WCS, it's not impacting the WLC.

Changing the antenna type on WCS will change the look of your heatmaps and the RRM graph on WCS.

You will not be causing RRM problems to your environment.

The feature of displaying this message was added as the RRM stats will change along with the antenna type on WCS.

Even if you choose the standard antenna type you should be getting a heatmap.

Make sure your controllers are properly synced and that you wait 5 - 10 minutes to get the heatmaps.

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