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WCS - AP maps

Hey all,

apologies if this is the wrong place however it seemed the most logical.  I've got a query about WCS 7 which we are currently using at the moment.

What I'd like to do is setup a new campus and for the main campus map I want to import from Google Earth.  However, when I try to import from KML, it wants access point locations etc, the same applies for CSV.  Which is fine, but I want to add maps and access points when I create the new buildings as a sub-level of the campus, as we have several buildings to import.

So on the main Campus page, I just want to have a google earth map looking at our office.  Is this possible?  I've attached the KML file I've been using.

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WCS - AP maps


Google Earth maps support is designed to tie the geolocation information of APs to your map. If you don't want that at all, then all you really need for your campus map is a static image, right? Couldn't you just use a screengrab from Google Earth and upload that as your campus image?

If you don't intend to locate APs with coordinates, I'm not sure how much value Google Earth is going to give you.


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