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WCS configuration changes ?


I am using WCS 4.0 with 3 WLC's and have noticed that sometimes, even though I make changes to the WLC's using WCS, I sometimes go back to the WLC's the next day and parts of the config seem to have reverted.

For instance, I have some WLAN's that I have definitely disabled SSID broadcasts on, but the next day they are re-enabled.

Looking in the WCS user guide, it mentions the following feature:

"User-defined automatic controller status audits, missed trap polling, configuration backups, and

policy cleanups"

I wonder about the 'policy cleanups' mentioned....I can find no further info about this feature.

Also, there is a scheduled task that runs on the WCS each night called 'Network Audit' - does anyone know what this does. Again, I cannot find any more info on this.

My WCS version is :

Anyone seen anything similar or able to answer any of the points raised above ?



Re: WCS configuration changes ?

This feature I have seen with Wcs Base version.

Actually, WCS OS are of two types.

1. WCS Base

2. WCS Location.

Which version you are using?.

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Re: WCS configuration changes ?

I am using the WCS Base version.

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Re: WCS configuration changes ?

We had similar problems with AP templates. We are using AP templates in WCS to control various AP settings. Once the template is applied to the AP the AP must be reset before the settings take affect. WCS is mis-leading because it allows you to apply the template but doesn't indicate that the AP must be reset for the settings to take effect (TAC opened a bug on this). I wonder if there is a similar issue with the WLAN settings?

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