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WCS discovery over VPN


I am having trouble getting 1142 LAP to find the controller. We are running an ASA 5505 at our main campus where the 5508 is located. Each Of our distribution centers have a PIX501 and from there about 3-5 AP's each. The AP's that were primmed before instalation work great, however we need the ability to get the other ones that were already installed and not finding controller to work with out cycling them through main campus. I have opened up UDP ports 12222-12223 and 5246-5246 with no luck. I am able to ping the AP's. Any help would be great!!

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Re: WCS discovery over VPN

you would also need to configure the DHCP scope to have option 43 to point the AP at the WLC., assuming they have been converted or already running the recovery image,

For the small number of AP you have at each site you could also do a forward protocol at L3. I'm not sure of the commands on the pix but on a router you do ip forward-protocol 5246/5247/12222/12223(one line for each) then add an ip helper pointing to your WLC management ip address.

Third option would be to create the DNS entry Cisco-capwap-controller and link that to the WLC management IP address. Then you give the ap the DNs server in the DHCP scope and it should resolve and join.



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