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WCS gone into "LITE" mode ?! !


My WCS version 4.087 (yes i know its time to upgrade ;) ) has gone into "LITE" mode, and even on my server via the ie browser i cant get into the full version, sure im logged in as 'admin' as normal but cant get anything other than basic viewing options.

why would this happen ? i thought due to my version i may not need to update a licence key the last licence file was 01/02/2007 so is it a year to expiry for the WCS licences ?

any help is much appreciated.

i can take this oppertunity to upgrade but by uninstalling the WCS software will i lose the maps, ap positions ?

just before it went wrong i backed up the WCS data.

if i wanted to upgrade is it just a case of uninstalling the old software, reinstalling the new and loading the old backup ?


yours (baffled)


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Re: WCS gone into "LITE" mode ?! !

not sure i can help with your "lite" problem here but i'll try to address the other questions here...

1. No, there shouldn't be a time related to the WCS license and therefore no such expiration issues.

2. If you upgrade and follow the recommended upgrade path (one step at a time, from one version to the next), you should be able to keep all your maps and such. Just don't jump from 4.0 to 5.0 and follow the upgrade suggestions in the release note.

3. Making backups is good! Starting recently, you don't even have to restore the backup manually. As the upgrade happens, WCS will automatically restore the old backup (but note this a relatively new feature). again, release notes should be able to guide you for an upgrade path.

Also, i'm sure you've checked, but the "admin" user is a part of the superusers group, right?

This is strange...

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Re: WCS gone into "LITE" mode ?! !

spoke to a cisco wcs specialist and he has never heard of this either :D

anyways i binned the old version and am now running 4.2 :D its great ! much improved interface.

thanks for the advice sabhasin !


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