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WCS Licensing

Has anyone experience licensing issues when upgrading WCS 3.0 to 4.x? Unable to import new license files received from TAC into WCS box. Still waiting on TAC for a solution.


Re: WCS Licensing

I assume you followed the steps below to get a 4.x key.

If so, I have had problems with them generating invalid keys. To get one batch generated I got no less than 10 files, 4 of which contained parts of my total count. Your best bet is calling in to TAC and keeping on them until they get you one that works.


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Re: WCS Licensing

Yes to the first statement. I guess I need to continue to bug TAC on this one.

Re: WCS Licensing

What kind of error are you getting? It could be that the hostname doesn't match what's in the file. When you registered your PAK, did you give the FQDN,, or did you just give the hostname, computer. The licensing tool, can only handle the hostname and not the FQDN. You can open up the .lic file with wordpad and see what it is showing. If it is showing the FQDN, you would need to work with the Licensing team to get this corrected.

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