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WCS location and sniffer questions

We're currently evaluating the Airespace thin AP solution. We have three 1000 series APs, two converted 1200 series APs and one 1131 AP, of which we run a subset of four APs placed in a loose square form in a drywall/concrete office environment, all on the same floor. Each of these APs are within range of each other.

However, the locations provided with the client and rogue detection are totally off. Clients that are within the polygon defined by the four APs get placed outside of the building, rogues are half a floor off etc. We've tried moving the clients, rogues and the thin APs around, we've tried the map with and without the wall structure drawn in, and nothing seems to help. The behavior is just as bad both in the 2.4 and the 5 gig bands. The antenna orientations on the 1000 series APs are set to have the direction arrow point where side A of the AP is facing. Any ideas what might cause this rather disappointing behaviour, or other advice?

Also, I have a question on the sniffer capability. In order to use Airopeek with an AP as a remote sensor, the help page of the WCS instructs us to copy socket.dll and socketres.dll into the appropriate Airopeek plugin directories. We've been unable to find these plugin files anywhere on CCO or the installation tree of WCS (Linux). Any pointers to these files?


Re: WCS location and sniffer questions

The socket.dll and the sockettres.dll files should be available on the installation CDs. Do a search on the installation CDs. you should be able to get them.

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Re: WCS location and sniffer questions

...except we don't have installation CDs. The software was just one large linux installer file from CCO. We did a find on the entire tree that it expanded to, but the files don't appear to be there. A Cisco engineer is trying to find them for us, now.

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