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WCS Map View - View Drop-Down List Incomplete


I am trying to use the location maps to look at where clients are and also where rogues are placed, but cannot do this because my View Drop-Down List is Incomplete....

I only have the options:

Show/Hide APs

Show/Hide AP Heatmaps

Show/Hide Grid

Show/Hide 802.11 coverage areas

Show/Hide Markers

where as I should be able to do :

Show/Hide Clients

Show/Hide 802.11 tags

Show/Hide Rogue Clients


Has anyone else come across this? And know a fix?

I am running WCS version


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Re: WCS Map View - View Drop-Down List Incomplete

Hi Michael,

If you are not running WCS/Location maybe you are hitting this bug (that refers to the mis-documentation);

CSCse31773 Bug Details

it is not correctly documented the limitations in WCS location version, when the user does not have a location appliance:

-With appliance, rogues can be tracked and are shown in the Monitor\Map, dropdown will have the "Show rogue AP. Show Rogue Clients" options

-Without appliance, this options are not present, and you only can see the location of rogues, from the rogue alarm itself, then selecting the "MAP (high resolution)" command from the dropdown

On WCS base, the rogue will be shown next to the detecting AP (not the closest!), without location information.

Probably, this table should be enhanced to have a third option "WCS location+apliance"

It really looks like we do need to introduce this differece clearly on the documentation. For example, here:

It does says what location appliance can add to WCS, I understand now, after this problem, that this particular case of the map\view\show rogues option , will fell into the "Ability to use location appliances to collect and return historical location data viewable in the WCS Location user interface"... But as you would understand, this is not easily translated on which options are or not present.

Hope this helps!


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