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WCS Maps> Campus and Building Maps

Hi Guys,

i am configuring our WCS and have added a few Buildings with floor spaces, added all of our AP,s walls etc and all looks good!

I now have just received our Campus map at last and have added it in, but i cant see how to associate the existing buildings that i have added to the Campus area. Only to add new buildings.

Is there a way to add existing buildings to a new campus area, as i dont not want to spend the next week recreating our building and floor space maps.

Also is there a way to customise the walls that can be added in the map editor as they jump from a "light Wall" at 2dB loss to a "Thick Wall" at 13dB loss. Other software that i have used you can pre configure walls with various dB losses.

Many Thanks in Advance


DigitalAir Wireless

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