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WCS Maps - Utilization

Hi all, Hope all is well :)

I have a new building with a floor of wireless enabled. Have imported the map and it is on the WCS.

Thing is, the view of the map shows that there are no clients associated on any of the APs. When I change the view, it shows all my APs as 20-30% utilsation.

Is this a bug? How else can I get AP stats without the WCS?

Many thx indeed,


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Re: WCS Maps - Utilization

Ahh, I now see this on the actual WCS

Load Statistics

Rx Utilization Tx Utilization Channel Utilization Attached Client Count

But the WCS still seems a lot higher? With no clients on.

Any ideas all :)

Many thx


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Re: WCS Maps - Utilization

If you hover over the AP on the map do you see the number of clients connected tot he AP? Have you checked "clients" in the layers pulldown on the map?

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Re: WCS Maps - Utilization

I have mate, and there we no clients ???

Also, just trying to look at the profile traps I am receiving, I am getting a lot of Interference traps (no clients connected as I say) and I know the threshold is set low to the default of 10%.


what is the graph on the WLC showing me, for the Interference by Channel

What is the meaning of the blue bar per channel and the red one per channel?

Im a tad confused.

Thx to all :)


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