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WCS "Maximum Clients" not working


today we have a new problem. Then we create a new Template for a network, and we activate the limitaion for the amount of clients, the policy don´t work.

So we have more clients only as allowed.

Enclosed the configuration for the wirelss from the cli.

Important are these two lines:

Maximum number of Associated Clients............. 1

Number of Active Clients......................... 4

Maybe someone of you have an answer for this behavior.

WLC (4404)/WCS/MSE at 7.0.240



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Re: WCS "Maximum Clients" not working

Can you post more info like a screen shot of the setting on the WLC. Are the clients all associated and authenticated?

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WCS "Maximum Clients" not working


the clients are all assoc. and authen. I can work with all 4 devices.

If  i change something at the template and sznc the settings with the wlc,  the function work correct, he disconect 3 devices. But i could connect  manualy with the network, and it work.

in the log is see this message:

WLC1:  *apfMsConnTask_0: Sep 26 09:22:28.844: %APF-4-ASSOCREQ_PROC_FAILED:  apf_80211.c:3762 Failed to process an association request from  28:6a:ba:XX:XX:XX. WLAN:86, SSID:XXXX. Max Client Limit Reached on WLAN.

This means, the wlc recognize that i have too many devices online, but he do not disconect the additional client.

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Re: WCS "Maximum Clients" not working

Hi @all,

new Informations for our problem.

If a client was never connected to our system (WLC/WCS) the client limitation works. But, if this client was connected to one of our networks (we have some of it configured at the WCS (a hotspot and some secured WLANs) the limitation don´t work.

For example, Client connect to the open Hotspot, get an ip and the starting page. After that he connects to the secured WLAN with the limitation. In this moment he could connect.

But if the client is new and connects to the secured wlan he gets

"%APF-4-ASSOCREQ_PROC_FAILED:  apf_80211.c:3762 Failed to process an  association request from  28:6a:ba:XX:XX:XX. WLAN:86, SSID:XXXX. Max  Client Limit Reached on WLAN." until he connects to a open or other network, then he has access and the message won´t be shown.

Maybe someone has an idea, we have invest many time and couldn´t locate the error.

kind regards


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