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WCS to NCS migration; (1.0 and 1.1) issue with Map Dimensions

Hi there,

while migrating from WCS to NCS 1.1 (problem applies to 1.0 too) we encoutered an strange error with export/importing our Maps.

WCS Maps units of measure are set to "Meters"

NCS is set to meter (so it seems), but all Building maps imported are calculated with "feet" which is messing up all the placement information.

For example:

Building ANCSWCS
Horziontal Position626.6191
Vertical Position246.775.2

The results are something like this: The given Width, Height or the position of the Map conflicts with the parent..

However, Campus Dimensions are exported fine, no mismatch there. It seems only building information is affected by this

We tried switching map properties in all available feet/meters combination to get around this, but it seems this somewhat deeply anchored and can not be changed on the NCS side.

Is there any workaround for this behaviour?  We have quite a large campus and this is a seriously annoying issue

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards


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