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WCS Version - Disassociating AP'S

How can we find which controller an ap has disassociated from when WCS reports the following error: AP 'AP0014.1ced.43ec', interface '802.11b/g' is down on Controller ''. ?

It looks like "owner" may be the way but how do you configure "owner".

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Re: WCS Version - Disassociating AP'S

Trying to figure that out is a bugger. You could look through the logs on each controller. Download the logs and text search for the AP's name/MAC and see which one it appears on.

The newer versions of code 3.2.78 specifically help dramatically with the APs disassociating and rebooting.

We were on and were still having the AP disassociating problem. It's getting better as we are getting upgrades to 3.2.78 done on the controllers.

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Re: WCS Version - Disassociating AP'S

Thank you for your reply. We have found that is the only way to find out which controller they came from but that is very time consuming. We are planning our upgrade to 3.2.78 this week so that is encouraging to here it gets better.

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Re: WCS Version - Disassociating AP'S

I'll also give you a heads up for upgrading. I ran into problems on a 4100 series controller where I couldn't successfully get the code TFTP'd to the controller.

1. Connect your laptop with the TFTP server (I use Solarwinds) to the same VLAN as the Management interface.

2. Connect to the controller via the serial management to run the upgrade commands.

Use this series of commands on the console to do the upgrade (received from TAC):

wss>transfer download datatype code

wss>transfer download mode tftp

wss>transfer download path /

wss>transfer download serverip

wss>transfer download filename AIR-WLC4400-K9-3-2-78-0.aes

wss>transfer download start

When upgrade completes

wss>save config

wss>reset system

Seemed to be faster than doing the gui upgrade from the web interface.

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