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Web-auth page alterations and tweaking on WLC 4404


As I mentioned in a previous post I'm running two guest WLANs through a C4404. One of them requires a Lobby Admin to generate a user for a 'less restricted' network and the other requires entry of some personal details into the capture screen before you get onto the filtered, web and secureweb only network.

I've got the registration one working fine and managed to create a login page tailored to suit.

What I'm having trouble with is altering the web-auth passthrough page. Currently it just asks for an email address (not verified) and then allows access to the network. I really want to capture an email, name and other details but it doesn't seem like I can easily upload another page to replace the default as the login.html file is being used for the other WLAN.

Has anyone else done a similar thing or managed to use a page called something other than login.html. My web skills are fairly weak, but I can work my way through most pages and make minor alterations.

Any info would be great...even better would be some page examples.



Re: Web-auth page alterations and tweaking on WLC 4404

If you use a custom web auth page, the login.html for the custom page goes in a separate directory/folder from the regular one. I've attached the simple version from the controller. Once you've edited this to your heart's content, you place the file (and whatever other files you may want to add) into a tar file and "download" it to the controller as a custom web auth.

If you capture the email address and what-not, I'm not sure what you can do with it. I don't think these values are recorded/stored/logged anywhere on the controller. You may need to switch to an external web auth server, over which you would have complete control.

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Re: Web-auth page alterations and tweaking on WLC 4404

thanks for the reply,

Indeed. My issue is that once I've edited this I need to call it 'login.html' (the config guide is explicit about this, but let me know if I'm wrong) and upload/download it to the controller.

Problem is that I've already edited my login.html to allow for my lobbyadmin administratred WLAN.

I'll have a play around and see if I can get away with calling it something else.

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Re: Web-auth page alterations and tweaking on WLC 4404

It seems that every time you wish to use a customised page (either for webauth or passthrough) you need to name it login.html.

The email passthrough uses the WLC default page, but just includes an email field rather than the user/pass that's configured by a lobbyadmin.

So, without using any external server, do you think it's possible to have a customised webauth login page and a customised passthrough w/ email page AT THE SAME TIME?

As a side note, has anyone got the downloadable logo to fit in to the default page without problems. I can't seem to get the image size right and end up with blue borders around my customised logo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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