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Web-Authentication is not functioning

I have configure web auth for one Guest WLAN. But its not working properly. As per my configuration, this network is only for gues internet access. One can connect to the network without any authentication and while trying to access internet it will redirect to authentication page ie., web login page.

But, for some days I am experiencing problems with this as the authentication page cannot be displayed.

Anybody has any idea what can be the problem?


Web-Authentication is not functioning

Have you been able to check that your Client is still receiving a DHCP IP Address, can resolve DNS correctly, isn't trying to use a Proxy and is trying to access a standard HTTP website via TCP:80?

Is the SSL Certificate still valid?

Are you using Guest Tunnelling between WLCs? Are the tunnels still up/up?

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Web-Authentication is not functioning

clients are getting access to dhcp and getting IPs also. but when try to browse internet, the authentication page is not appearing. but I can ping to all the allowed servers in the guest network including my proxy isa server.

Also the SSL certificate is valid.

Re: Web-Authentication is not functioning

Can you do a nslookup to resolve from the client? If DNS is not working, the http request will not happen and no redirect will occur.

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Re: Web-Authentication is not functioning

In our AD-domain browser startpage is defined. Redirects are denied by domain policy.
This is ok for lan, but not for wlan. Because webauth login page is not automatically opened.
In this case it is the client setting that prohibits redirect, not the wlan.

When entering some other url redirect is succesvol.

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