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WEP -to- WPA???

Hello, we currently have several client sites(about 50), using Aironet 1100's. We are using WEP, and everyone is authing to our ACS.

Would like to change everything over to WPA. What kind of issues could I expect...the clients connecting are constantly changing, so any and all Operating Systems, hardware platforms, wireless cards, wireless hubs, etc. will be connecting.

Is this irrelevant and as long as our cisco equip supports WPA then we are ok to change this? How difficult can a migration like this get?



Re: WEP -to- WPA???

This migration shouldn't be to difficult. Just make sure all of your client devices support WPA and the encrytption cypher that you use.

New Member

Re: WEP -to- WPA???

That's what I'm trying to get a better idea of...Can I expect that if we move to WPA, now we are going to have many clients unable to auth? Our environment is very dynamic, we have several clients connecting at any one time, and they turnover constantly so we're looking at new/different hardware, OS, etc. platforms on a daily-weekly basis.

Am I looking at anything more than 5yrs old or so likely not being compatible w/WPA? Is there a good workaround/quick fix for clients who do not have compatible systems...???

Thanks for the response!

Re: WEP -to- WPA???

Older clients will have a problem as most will not support TKIP. I would look to replacing any that don't support TKIP and if you plan on WPA2 in the future require AES support on all new devices.

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Re: WEP -to- WPA???

Ok, thats what i was kinda afraid of, we don't really have any control over what our clients are using and I don't know if it would be a good idea to potentially have to tell many of them they cannot connect because they aren't compatible.

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