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We are deploying a medical cart that contains a video camera, computer and 2600i ap.  The ap will be used as a WGB.  Our wireless environment is controller-based.  I suspect this cart will be moving around to several locations.  It is unclear to me how I will connect the WGB to a root bridge.  Can I configure my lightweight ap's to server as a root bridge and a regular ap at the same time?  Or will I have to install additional ap's to server only as root bridges?  TIA


You can use a WGB with the

You can use a WGB with the Cisco WLC environment. You may need to issue a command:


config network ip-mac-binding disable


to allow more than one device behind the WGB to connect




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Thanks for your reply.  I

Thanks for your reply.  I will try to build a lab before the cart arrives. 

Hi BM,I have about 150+ Cisco

Hi BM,

I have about 150+ Cisco 1131s in WGB. We also have a dozen 1142 and 3500 attached to carts doing BIO med data and a Cisco VX cart doing voice and video. 

Shoot me an email at g s t e f a n i c k@w i r e l e s s g u r u. net and I will share my configs to get you started. 



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Hi,Please go through the


Please go through the below link for configuration example.

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