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What is "Network Audit" on the WCS ?

I see a scheduled task for "Network Audit" but its disabled and not exactly sure what it is suppose to do.

Any have more details on this?

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Re: What is "Network Audit" on the WCS ?

Network audit compares the configuration on the controller against the one stored in WCS database. This task creates audit reports (select a controller from configure -> controllers, and then select 'view audit reports' from the dropdown). No configuration is modified.

New Member

Re: What is "Network Audit" on the WCS ?

I have the Base+Location version of WCS and it is disabled by default.

I have heard from other members that the Base only version has this enabled by default.

Since it does not make any changes, it only reports on mismatches between controllers and WCS, why would it be off by default?

I am having issues keeping my controllers in sync with the WCS, was hoping this would help.

But I guess not


Re: What is "Network Audit" on the WCS ?

We are also seeing sync issues between WCS/WLCs - even when we only use the WCS to make any changes after an initially successful sync.

I believe that this is a bug in the code.

- John

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