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Wifi Payment System for Hotels

I have a hotel that wants to do paid wifi with their NAC system. I'm not sure yet what version NAC or wireless controllers they have, but does anyone have any general direction on how to go about this or can anyone point me to some Cisco documentation?

I'm not familiar with how hotels do this but I imagine two different scenarios. One, the payment system and NAC are two autonomous systems. Once you make payment you receive a username/password pair that is already programmed into NAC.

Or two, the payment system is somehow integrated into NAC and can return successful payment information to NAC for authorization.

I've found on Google a specific version of Cisco NAC Guest Server that integrates with payment service. I'm curious if there are any other solutions.



Wifi Payment System for Hotels

well, since your issue is built on NAC I think it is better to move your thread to here:

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Wifi Payment System for Hotels

Normally hotels go with 1 solution keeps cost in check and support at a minimum, like a Nomadix which back ends to a credit card processing services and the box acts as a web portal. Adding NAC plus the extra box (Nomadix) sounds like overkill ..

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