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wIPS MSE....

After installing wIPS(MSE) and adding to WCS...where do we see the alerts.

I added 10 AP's to WLC and a AP in monitor mode. Testing SSID with wrong credentials to see any alerts.. but dont see anywhere.

How to test the wIPS?


Re: wIPS MSE....

What version of WCS and what version of MSE are you running?

Have you made sure that you are using a supported MSE version for the WCS version you have?

Go and check the release notes:

New Member

Re: wIPS MSE....

Yes the code is supported.

1. WLC has 100 AP's spread over 20 locations.

2. Monitor AP's are installed in 5 public locations and other 15 are not needed.

3. To avoid duplicate alerts if I disable alerts from WLC then I will be getting alerts only from 5 monitor AP's.

4. How can I get partial alerts from WLC? Get alerts from WLC where monitor AP's are not present and get alerts only from monitor AP's.

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