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Wired and Wireless on same VLAN

New to the forum and new to wirless, and have a config question.

I recently implemented a Wireless solution that upgraded our network from Autonomous to LWAPP.

We are using 2 4404s and WCS all running 4.2 code.

Currently my APs reside in a management VLAN along with the rest of the switches on our network. We have a Main VLAN (server's, clients) I configured the "Main" WLAN to reside on the same VLAN as the wired clients. My 4404 has a dynamic interface in the Main VLAN and my wireless clients are able to pull DHCP IPs from a server that resides on the Main VLAN.

Besides security, is there any reason why I would not want to overlap my wired and wireless clients.

TAC engineers told me that the 4404 is basically an acquisition from Airespace, and therefore routes/switches a bit differently than a Cisco switch. I was told that the 4404 "believes" that since it has a dynamic interface in the Main VLAN, that it owns the VLAN and that this can cause issues if there are wired devices on the same VLAN. I can't find anywhere on Cisco or the web that recommends against this configuration.

Can anyone give me an explanation as to why this is not a desired config...outside of security reasons.


Re: Wired and Wireless on same VLAN

Assign a wired device in same VLAN as a wireless VLAN . If you can ping the controller from the wired side you can use the same VLAN for both wired and wireless. Only concerns might be the security. That too if you have strong authentication like 802.1x/ AES you can have wired and wireless on same VLAN from my experience.


Re: Wired and Wireless on same VLAN

Please note that there are some situations where you cannot ping the controller.

You may have better results by having a wireless client ping a wired client and vice-versa.

- John

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