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Wired guest access - Unable to access network


I've configured two WLC's with the exact same config one of them has working Wired guest network the other one does not.

The only difference in the two I know of is that the one that does not work is connected to a Cisco 3550 switch, the one that works is connected to a Cisco 7600.

The problem is when I connect a computer to the wired guest network I am able to get an IP address from the Internal DHCP server but unable to access the network.

I've tried pinging the gateway's IP and I get no answer.

The Port-channel interface has the correct VLans and the vlans exist on all switches.

If anyone see an error there or might have an idea why this is not working I would appreciate the feedback.

Config follows below..



New Member

Re: Wired guest access - Unable to access network

(Cisco Controller) >show running-config

802.11a cac voice tspec-inactivity-timeout ignore

802.11a cac voice stream-size 84000 max-streams 2

802.11b cac voice tspec-inactivity-timeout ignore

802.11b cac voice stream-size 84000 max-streams 2

location rssi-half-life tags 0

location rssi-half-life client 0

location rssi-half-life rogue-aps 0

location expiry tags 5

location expiry client 5

location expiry calibrating-client 5

location expiry rogue-aps 5

Cisco Public Safety is not allowed to set in thisdomain

ap syslog host global

auth-list ap-policy ssc enable

custom-web ext-webserver add 1

dhcp create-scope guestnetwork

dhcp address-pool guestnetwork

dhcp default-router guestnetwork

dhcp enable guestnetwork

dhcp dns-servers guestnetwork

dhcp network guestnetwork

local-auth method fast server-key *****

interface create guestnetwork 331

interface create guestnetwork-wired 332

interface address ap-manager

interface address dynamic-interface guestnetwork

interface address dynamic-interface guestnetwork-wired

interface address management

interface address service-port

interface address virtual

interface dhcp ap-manager primary

interface dhcp dynamic-interface guestnetwork primary

interface dhcp management primary

interface dhcp service-port disable

interface vlan ap-manager 226

interface vlan guestnetwork 331

interface vlan guestnetwork-wired 332

interface vlan management 226

interface port ap-manager 29

interface port guestnetwork 29

interface port guestnetwork-wired 29

interface port management 29

lag enable

load-balancing window 5

mesh security eap

mgmtuser add root **** read-write

mobility group domain XXXXXXX

mobility symmetric-tunneling enable

network otap-mode disable

network rf-network-name XXXXXXX

radius acct add 1 XXXXXXX 1813 ascii ****

radius auth add 1 XXXXXXX 1812 ascii ****

radius auth management 1 disable

spanningtree port mode off 1

spanningtree port mode off 2

sysname XXXXXXX

time ntp interval 3600

time ntp server 1 XXXXXXX

wlan create 1 hotspot hotspot

guest-lan create 1 hotspot-wired

wlan interface 1 guestnetwork

guest-lan interface 1 guestnetwork

wlan custom-web webauth-type external 1

wlan custom-web ext-webauth-url https://XXXXXXX

wlan session-timeout 1 disable

wlan wmm allow 1

wlan wmm allow 18

wlan security wpa disable 1

wlan security wpa disable 18

wlan radius_server auth add 1 1

wlan radius_server acct add 1 1

guest-lan radius_server auth add 1 1

guest-lan radius_server acct add 1 1

wlan dhcp_server 1 required required

wlan enable 1

guest-lan enable 1

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