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Wired rogue detection

I understand the principle of wired rogue detection however when I look at my arp tables I cannot see the radio mac addresses of the ap that I have deployed as a rogue.

The switch sees the ethernet mac only, there is no correlation with ethernet and radio mac.

If an ap associates to the rogue as a client assuuming open authentication on the rogue I can see how it can back trace the IP it gets via dhcp.

Now I am trying to understand if we only see the radio of the rogue how do we get to see it on the wired side, assuming an ap cannot authenticate to it?

New Member

Re: Wired rogue detection

Hi Pete,

Here is a link to an older discussion that may shed some light.... however, it doesn't answer your question about the rogue and the issue of looking for a radio mac address vs. an ethernet mac address.

My main questions now are the mac address issue that you posted and why when my rogue detector AP reboots, it goes back into local mode.  it is as if the config is not saved in NVram on the AP.  Can anyone confirm if an AP that is configured in Rogue Detector mode, if that is saved to nvram.  I am using 1230's as Rogue detectors.

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