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Wireless all in one management

Hi experts,

I've been looking for a software to manage/monitor our wireless lan. We only have less 10 ap so I don't think software like the Cisco Wireless Control System is applicable? or it is the only one out there? I was looking to install it on a simple pc or a vm pc.

any recommendations?



Re: Wireless all in one management

Choice of tool depends on what you need it to do. If you just want to see if your APs are all online, perhaps something like would suit you. If you want to push config changes onto all of your APs at once, try . There's lots of options; many of them will not be what you want. Exercise your google-fu and see what you find.

For reference, WCS only runs in an LWAPP environment- and if you're running LWAPP, then everything you need is probably on your wireless controller anyway. If you're running your APs on IOS, then the WLSE Express would be the appropriate Cisco management product. (But overkill for <10 devices, you're right.)

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Re: Wireless all in one management

Thanks for that mate.

of course I would like to monitor/manage our wireless as to see them in real-time or to see like signal strengths, users currently login, status, push some config, etc...

Can any software have that?


Re: Wireless all in one management

All of those functions are available via SNMP; it's just a matter of downloading the correct MIBs into your preferred SNMP application and configuring it to display the data you want. This will be a fair amount of work, but it's certainly doable.

You're not going to find a ready-built solution that's preconfigured for Cisco APs unless you want to buy a WLSEE.

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