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wireless client authentication failed

hi all,


I have a problem I have AP 1602i joined to WISM2 controller with IOS version 7.4.121 

when client try to connect on the SSID, he receive a log "authentication failed" when I tried to rejoin the AP to other controller it work normally and when i back koining to the first controller it joins normally.


when the problem occure i noticed that the AP led is flashing and on the controller i can see the AP.


please advice


thanks in advance

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You have to get "debug client

You have to get "debug client <MAC-Address>" output from your WLC when client connection failing. That will give you a reason code for authentication failure.

Pls attach that client debug output to see



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hi aflanders6276it is open

hi aflanders6276

it is open authentication 

no radius or tacacs 

the two controllers are WISM2 with version 7.4.121


the AP flashing with only green color and the SSID is broadcasting from it.


thanks in advance

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hi Manannalage ras..., I

hi Manannalage ras...,


I already issue this command and tried to connect on the SSID but there is no output appeared on the controller it seem to be that the client MAC address is not reach to the controller


note that,

the AP connected through Modem to the controller and get the controller IP address from DNS by resolving its domain name to the controller IP

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Re: You have to get "debug client

Hi Rasika,


If we have AAA (radius server) in place for client authentication, will debig client <MAC> give the output or we have to debug aaa <all/events/packets>



Ruchit Patel

New Member

What type of Authentication

What type of Authentication are you using?

Do you use radius/tacacs for authentication?


What type of controller are you bouncing the AP between and what are the two code versions?


What color are the lights flashing? 

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