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Wireless Control System Software (cross-post)

(This was also posted under "Getting Started with Wireless")

I could use some recommendations from the forums here. I have an 8-story apartment building in which the building management wants to install wireless to cover everyone and every floor. They also want to be able to manage all the APs from a centralized location. Obviously, a challenge since this is a new building and I can't do a site curvey yet.

But here's what I'm thinking from a theoretical standpoint. I'd probably want as many 1242AG access points as needed for actual coverage (anywhere from 2-20), since they handle lots of walls, etc. better than most other APs. I'd also want a 4402 WLAN Controller for handling anyone moving around, etc. Finally, I'd need the Wireless Control System software running on a server connected to the WLAN Controller.

First of two questions: does this all make sense to you, or am I over (or under-) thinking this?

Second question: I've found plenty of places where we can purchase licenses for the Wireless Control System software, but where is the software itself? Is it a free download with no licenses? Or does it come with the 4402 or something?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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