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Wireless controller 5500 and Printer

Hi There,

Wondered fi somebody could help me to see if this is possible,

I have a 5500 running a corporate WLAN, We have a certificate that people need to install to be able to connect to it.

The wlan profile layer2 security is as follows

Layer 2 Security 6
10 MAC Filtering
WPA+WPA2 Parameters
WPA Policy
WPA2 Policy
WPA2 EncryptionAES        TKIP
Auth Key Mgmt

Does anybody know how I can connect a wireless printer to this? basically wondered if I can install a cert or do I need to create an account somehow

we use a triple A server, Cisco ACS for authentication.

Any help appreciated


Re: Wireless controller 5500 and Printer

Hi martin:

The L2 security info you put Are appearing like a mess to me (possibly problem with ipad app).

But I wanted to tell that configuring the wireless printer depends on the printer itself.

Does the printer supports the security method in your wlan?

I think wpa/wpa2 enterprise should be supported. Just configure the printer with same security u configure on the wlan.

You need to configure the username and the password n the printer's config as well.

If you need to know how to configure the printer refer to the printer's manual or contact the vendor.



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Re: Wireless controller 5500 and Printer

We have a certificate that people need to install to be able to connect to it

Well I haven't seen many vendors that support EAP-TLS if that is what your wireless is configured for.  Like Amjad mentioned, you need to look at the manual and determine what is supported.  Now if your wireless security policy is to have every device that accesses the wireless network needs to have a certificate, well.... if your printer doesn't support that, it will never join.  Changing the radius policy to allow username and password might also not be allowed, but you will just have to verify that.



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Re: Wireless controller 5500 and Printer

OK, so the printer is a brother 5370DW, which I believe will not support certificate based wireless, so I could create a username/password on the 5500? , please look at my radius settings below, does the order of auth look good?

Select AAA servers below to override use of  default servers on this WLAN

Radius Servers
Radius Server Overwrite interfaceEnabled
Authentication Servers Accounting Servers
Enabled Enabled
Server 1
Server 2
Server 3
Local EAP Authentication
Local EAP Authentication Enabled
Authentication priority order for web-auth  user
Not Used  Order Used For  Authentication
LDAP Servers
Server 1
Server 2
Server 3

Thank you for any input,

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