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Wireless disconnecting by itself


I have a client using Cisco access points model 1240, and Intel BG2200 wireless adapters, and during the day the laptops working on the wireless network lose it's connection and then reconnect again several times by day. I've seen some posts about the intel bg2200 adapter, and I updated the driver, but the problem is still happening.

Any idea??


Re: Wireless disconnecting by itself

If you are using lightweight APs (and a WLC), this is a known problem on older versions of code and is fixed in the current WLC firmware.


Re: Wireless disconnecting by itself

Thanks, but i'm not ising lightweight APs.

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Re: Wireless disconnecting by itself

We have a WLAN Controller 4404 and 17 lightweight access points. We had issues last week with the entire system on version where the system would stop passing traffic about every 23 hours. We upgraded to because they said this would clear up that issue. Well after 4 1/2 days the system did it again. We have had to reboot the system each time knocking 300 users off for up to 1/2 hour each time.

Is this problem really resolved in the newer versions of code? If so, does anyone know which version? Is there possibly a configuration issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Wireless disconnecting by itself

Setup a box to do centralized logging.. This behavior can/could be caused by several aspects but likly your logs will give you a hint at the issue.. The reason why i am saying to do a central logging server is, that with the sheer amount of logs that these will generate is astronomical.

Do informational logging and logging facility 6.

What could cause this? Over coverage, interference from other APs using the same channel, laptop which has a misconfigured/damaged/older drivers, etc.... Older versions of the BG2200 driver (dont quote me on this but i think its version or below) suffer from what is called strangulation. In essence the nic doesnt know when to be quiet and just spews RF into your environment... One bad client = large problem..

If this environment is using 802.1x look into the ACs server, ive seen a overused ACs cause authentication time outs (Look for Rogue AP: Authentication timeout errors in the logs)... granted the above has a wide birth of potential causes. Also do a site survey, very good idea to do =)

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