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Wireless issue with shared folders

Hi guys,

I need help solving a specific problem that has been presented in Unified Wireless network for a customer, connected via the the wireless network
I have connectivity to all devices on the network. The strange thing is when the customer accesses the shared folders on your Domain Controller 1 and
Domain Controller 2 in the DC1
is not possible to access through the wireless network, to DC2 if you can access shared folders connected through the wireless network, these tests are also successfully connected to the wired network not having problems. The wireless network is composed of a WLC 4402 (v6.0.188.0) and 19 LAPs 1242. The strangest thing is that these self-installing an autonomous AP problems do not arise. The management of DCs is the responsibility  of the customer.

Any help or suggestions will be welcome.

Thank you very much.



Re: Wireless issue with shared folders

I had a similar problem ... My issue was that the start-up script on the client after wireless authencation used by desktop didn't map the drive the user needed. Not sure if this helps you or not ... Good luck ... let me know what you find..

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