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WIreless limited access

Hi expects,

I'm using a wireless controller 5508 and 1141 Ap.Ultimately all the AP is working as LWAP.Everything is working fine.But offen end user getting "Limited Access " .At that time network is connected but i cant ping even my gateway.

Pls advice me to solve this isssue.

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Re: WIreless limited access

Maybe clients are too far or too many interference.

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Re: WIreless limited access

No inference and only four client may use that AP.

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Re: WIreless limited access

What is the radio status when the issue happens??



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Did someone resolved this

Did someone resolved this problem? Because we have sometimes faced with this, some clients connection to wireless and the after some period have limited access with have no ping to gateway, and other clients have also limited access. We have same controller 5508 ( and AP1141/1142.

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We have found interesting

We have found interesting things, setups on wireless card driver, WMM if it on enable/auto state, we have limited access to the network, when we disabled it have access to network, it only happenning on some laptops with WMM setup. On WLC on WLAN we have Allowed WMM.

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We have resolved this problem

We have resolved this problem just update network card driver, because it happens only with broadcom netword card with setup WMM. We have opened TAC, and in dump, we have seen problem in client side.

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Your Disable WMM on WLC solve

Your Disable WMM on WLC solve issue ?? 


i need Confirm please

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Yes, on one SSID we have

Yes, on one SSID we have solved it just disabled WMM on WLC (for example it uses for guests). And on the second SSID we updating client driver, WMM enabled (for example, it for corporate users).

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Thank for answer timur

Thank for answer timur.bessembe

I need know reason Why disable WMM it solve issue .

you can serach Document about it i need talk about is custober


 thank you

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Because something wrong with

Because something wrong with wireless network card driver. If you upgrade driver software, in 100% you have no problem with connecting to wireless. Some wireless card driver, has option WMM, and on client side you can enable or disable it.

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Re: WIreless limited access


So, did u verify in controller the configuration of APs? Sometimes this problem, can be a configuration in Access Points (such as channels, and so on) checks Aps and verifiy channels (put the acess points in "auto" in the configuration of the channels).

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WIreless limited access

Have you got your APs set up on the WLC in local HREAP mode? If so you are likely to have configured VLAN mappings under the HREAP tab. If the AP has lost its VLAN mappings it will revert to the local VLANs known by the WLC rather than the VLAN(s) used by local Wireless Users. You should check this and if incorrect change the VLAN mappings so that they match those on the LAN where Wireless Users are.


WIreless limited access

If your clients get an IP connection then looses it, that means the VLAN mapping for clients is wrong. However, if the clients never got an IP address, then check your DHCP scope to confirm that there is available range of IPs for distribution and also make sure that the IP helper-address is configured on the VLAN.

WIreless limited access


What is the security method you use for your WLAN? is it web-auth (layer 3) or some layer 2 security method?

Does the problem happens with client one one specific SSID? or it can happen with whatever SSID?

What is the model/SW version of your WLC? what your APs model?

Some client's have problems when the wireless session times out (especially with layer 3 security methods) and they could not get correct IP address when the session renewed.

So you may need to consider client-side issues and make sure the adapter is working fine with updated driver.

Good luck.


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